How I switched to Milk for better workout results


I am Rohan. At the age of 28, I was almost weighing 110 kg. This overweight was killing me, my ambitions, my aspirations, my personal life, my professional life. When I got rejected for my marriage proposal, it instigated me to change myself. Get slimmer, healthier and better. I took up the challenge. I have a very busy lifestyle. Am a brand manager for a large corporation. By all means,Now, I was geared to change my lifestyle.

I quit smoking and Alcohol and it proved to be the first major step. Subscribed to a nearby gymnasium. When I entered for the first time, I was a little hesitant looking at those sweating for good. I saw one guy Risabh, Almost about my height but a well sculpted body. I wished to be like him and was determined to do everything to shed my weight. My rigorous workout started. Earlier, it was too painful for me but as time passed by and I stood to the challenge, things got smoother. But still, the pace of shedding weight was very slow. I was struggling a lot and was desperate to get some guidance.

The other day I entered the gym early. At a distance, I saw Risabh at the treadmill. He was at quite a pace over the treadmill. I approached him and introduced myself. He stopped himself at the treadmill and shook my hand and started over the weight lifting. Without wasting a minute, I told the struggle I am going through. It seems he understood it. He said – “ Do you know how much I weighed two years ago – 130 kgs, and here I am.” He reminded me that there must be something going wrong with my efforts. I asked him, can we talk over the coffee after the gym. He looked at me above as he lifted the weights and said – “ Coffee, Dude that’s where you got wrong. You don’t need coffee. Let’s have this”.

He pulled up two small colorful bottles and handed one to me. I looked upon it and asked diligently – “Milkcraft”. ‘Yes’, he nodded. He gave me a long gaze while drinking and said, this is milk. You may have to quit your tea and coffee and switch to this to speed up your process. I opened the bottle and took a sip, it was fantastic. Much better to my coffee. I nodded – “ I can do it”.

Workout Companion

From that day forward, I quit tea, coffee and alternative beverages. Milkcraft is the only thing I switched to for better workout results. I ensure 4-5 bottles with variable flavours are always kept in my bag. I have also stopped going to the Office cafeteria and whenever needed, I just pull one bottle and freshen myself.

After a year, I have shed almost 35 kgs. I feel more active and healthier. Am very much thankful to Milkcraft who have played a greater role in my journey. I now asserts a good position among my friends, my ambitions and especially my girl friend.