Milkcraft crafts memories


I am Prachi and am a Software Engineer by profession. Working in a Multinational firm, meant a hectic life, rigorous meetings and tight schedule. But, this was the Life before the Pandemic hit our nation and we found ourselves locked down in our homes. Am writing this in July and we are still working from home. I have already started to miss my colleagues, those chit chats around the cafeteria and my time at the office.

Work from Home

I live alone in my apartment, earlier most of my time was at the office. I used to reach the office at early hours and came late at night, so my apartment was more just to crash on bed. Times are not the same now, the pandemic has changed our lives. When the lockdown was imposed, I had the hardest time in my life for a week. To deal with daily chores like cleaning, washing dishes, cooking and working seems like self assasination. I said to myself – “Prachi, Bring better things to your purview, that will make you, not destroy you.” Tea, Coffee, packed and frozen food were making me lazy. I sobbed. Then I had a moment of epiphany. This is my home, my space, my life. I have to deal with this.

I buckled up, gathered myself and rose to the daily task. This was my first step after two weeks of lockdown. At the grocery store, I picked grains and healthy leafy vegetables. Down the grocery sections, as I approached the frozen area, I found the colorful, Milkcraft flavoured Milk bottles. Lets try this. I brought a carton of this.

I prepared a schedule for cleaning, mopping, washing dishes and clothes, cooking and all daily household chores.. I rose to the job and it took me 4 hours to clear the clutter of 2 weeks. I was exhausted. Need a cup of coffee. I have to cut on my tea and coffee, these were already making me lazy, but what were my alternatives. I reached for the flavoured milk I got from the stores. I pulled a strawberry flavoured puffy bottle. Opened and took a sip. A pure delight engulfed me, a heavenly sensation. This is it, my potion of regeneration.

I took a bath to come fresh from working at my desk. I arranged my laptops and belongings neatly. My office had put me in charge of the new product innovations team. It meant I had to ponder upon ideas and present to the team. Spending over an hour and a half, I had nothing, nothing at all. I resorted to my potion and slipped my hands on the carton and pulled the Kesar flavoured drink. I sipped and it was so comforting. Took a deep breath and started documenting my ideas even if they were vague. Within half an hour, I had a list to choose from. I ran a check and found at least 5 had some potential. Then and there, I put my team to a video conference and briefed them about these ideas. My boss nodded – “ These are amazing ideas and we shall put these into further ideation “.

Hey, Milkcraft worked for me. It brought me back to life, my game. I took a look at what it’s made of, there I learnt it’s just the wholesome milk with flavouring. It was the milk that was rejuvenating me and flavours were adding to my taste. No harm, having more of it.

After two months, I am seeing myself more energetic, more productive and joyful. I have abandoned tea and coffee completely and switched to Milkcraft Flavoured Milk for my beverages. Two three bottles of Milkcraft always sits on my desk and keeps me up and running over prolonged periods of work.

I suggest everyone to keep yourself intact, maintain mental peace which will happen only if you eat and drink right. Challenging time requires drastic measures. Switch to healthy and I pray, we will get over these harsh times soon.