Balance is what makes us. The fact of the optimum distance of earth from sun has sprouted life in it. Yoga teaches harmony, The ying and yag denotes the balances between two opposites. Even in our lives, we ought to establish a balance in our personal and professional life, our choices, our relationships, our food and all we get in touch with it. It’s the balance that ensures we have a smoother life.

I am Rekha and I am a Strategic consultant. I consult big brand managers, CEOs, HNIs and celebrities in maneuvering their lifestyle for maximum productivity. My profession makes my life very busy and engaged. I am writing this article not to depict my profession but how I keep myself balanced to consult others on the same frontier.

Sound Mind & Body

Keeping oneself fit and healthy is not easy but keep the pacifying urges at bay. Being reluctant to such activities is natural and one needs a booster to get things done. I have to attend many parties late at night, have undisciplined food routines which are enough to set me back. Being a yoga enthusiast, I have find solace in it. Deep breathing and meditation expels the negative energy and I feel afresh again in the morning. I start my day with fruits and vegetable juices and a very low carb diet.

All this works well until I get out of my home and start at work. Here is where it gets a little ugly. I have to keep my pace of work along with my food intake which I don’t have much control over. Over the last few months, I have come across my new buddy, Milkcraft Flavoured Milk. Its the wholesome milk enriched with nutrients and flavorings. I have found it better to have this than Snickers or a Nutrition bar. It keeps me going until I reach my destination and eats back only a healthier option.

According to Ayurveda, Milk provides unique nutrition and no other food provides. It is good for our guts and digestive system. Packed with immense health and beauty benefits, it promotes ojas. It nourishes the mind and heart and maintains the inner balance. Daily intake of Milkcraft fulfills it and I find it very easy to just fill in a couple of these small bottles in my handbag, sometimes even in a hand purse.

I am at the top of my career but feel I have to go a long way. Maintaining self balance and to have a sound mind and body is my first priority. I consult the same to my clients. Many of my clients have also started doing the same, don’t want to point it out for obvious reasons. Over the years, we have been bombarded with many health alternatives but these options have just degraded our health. I recommend those things that my Grandparents or everyone’s grandparents used to have. Milk has been in our diet since ages. In today’s world our approach has changed related to packing and its availability but milk intake helps to structure our inner physical and mental being.