Milkcraft is meant for every occasion


Hi, I am Sekhar. I am 10 years old. Am writing this blog to tell you about the fun I had with my family. I live with my parents and younger sister Sheela. She is always mean to me. My grandpa and grandma lives far away, Dad says its another State. This time they came for Diwali celebrations. My Papa works in an Automobile company and is always busy. My Mom also works. She is a Textile Designer. They both are always busy.

When some guests come to our house, it becomes a moment of joy for me and my sister. This is when my parents forget their work and spend most of their time at the house. Especially when my grandparents come, my grandma lectures my Dad and Mom to spend time with us. I love her when she says to them.

Fun with Family

It was October and diwali was near. We had 10 days of Vacation declared and I was all set to make it playful. My mom and dad told us that grandma and grandpa are coming, we got excited. On Saturday Morning, we went to the Airport to pick them. I was going to see them after a year.”There they are” – I said. I found them first. They too saw us and waved their hands in that arriving crowd. Grandma first got hold of me and kissed me on the forehead. She always does that. On the way, Grandpa told me he has brought a gift for me. It was one surprise after another. Dad has a small refrigerator in his car. I asked Dad if we can share the Milkcraft Flavoured Milk bottles with Grandpa and Grandma. I said-” They might be tired. Milkcraft will freshen up”. My dad pulled the cute bottles from the refrigerator and gave each to everyone. I got the Chocolate flavour.

We reached home. My mom prepared breakfast for them. After their shower, my grandpa came from the room with a box and gave it to me. He said – “Happy Birthday”. My birthday was a month later. I think he gifted me early. I opened in a hurry, It was an ipad. “An ipad” – I never believed someone would give me an ipad. Grandma said – “It’s for both of you. And you have to use it for knowledge and not just play”. I nodded -”Yes”. Over breakfast, my Grandma told, she was going to prepare Cookies for us. My Grandpa said – “Sekhar, Aren’t you going to give one of your Milkcraft to me”. I ran and pulled a few bottles from the home refrigerator. It was like my return gift to them.

Thereafter, my grandma started preparing for cookes. She asked my mom and sister to join in her preparation. They were all enjoying making the recipe. My Dad stood and wore an apron and also joined them. It seemed they were having a good time. After sometime, my Grandpa stood and asked me, – “Shall we join them too”. It was fun, we all were making the recipes. After that, I asked my grandpa to set up my ipad. He is a Doctor by profession. Over the next hour, he told me how to gain knowledge using Wikipedia, youtube and the websites. He again asked for a Milkcraft. I asked – “Aren’t we allowed to have only two in a day”. He told me Milkcraft is just healthier milk with hits of flavouring. It is unlike any soft drinks or soda, which harms our health. I like Milkcraft, especially the Chocolate one. It was milk with fun. My Dad also nodded that my grandpa is right and I can have it anytime.

After having one bottle, my father rose and asked my Grandpa- “How about Football”. I screamed, we are going to play football. We had a big lawn and in a short time, we were playing it. I was already enjoying the day so much. I was doing all that i wished to do. I ran to my house and brought a few bottles of Milkcraft. Threw one to my dad and one to my grandpa and said – “ Your Energy Drink”.

We all laughed. It was the best day of my life.