Am bringing some memories of last summer when I took the kids of my inner friends circle to the beach. It was May and was getting really hot outside. Every saturday, kids of our work group gather at a selected place. The host parents have to take care of these kids all day, they play games, enjoy food together. Getting them along is our main motive. That Saturday, it was our turn. I am Ketan Naik and my wife is Nisha.

Beat the Heat

Early in the morning, parents arrived with their children at our house. We had a little chit chat and thereafter they all left. The enthusiasm among the kids was high. Nisha had planned it all, there were games, movies and delicious food for them. I had some work but Nisha wanted me to spend some quality time with the kids. “They need someone to look upon,” she said. It was getting hot, so we had planned them in our Air Conditioned living room so they can get maximum comfort.

The spirits were high among the kids, they wanted to play. Nisha wanted them to have pasta before they jump to the games. They ate it nicely. As we started to play games, the electricity went off. Already the temperature was soaring and then this electricity. I made a few calls and learnt that there was a power breakdown in a nearby substation and it will take 3-4 hours to restore electricity. A massive setback to the kids plan. They were looking for what’s next !

I said to Nisha – “Let’s Beat the Heat. Pack some food, we are going to the beach”. They all got so excited hearing this. We need something to nourish in this heat. I got hold of a carton of my favourite Milkcraft Flavoured Milk and put them in my Chiller Box. This will shed some temperature. It was milk with amazing flavours and I believed kids will like it. I took my Van where all the kids sat with comfort. Nisha and the food and essentials in the trunk and were set to go.

Within an hour, we arrived at the beach. Nothing was stopping the kids the moment Van was parked. They all ran towards the beach with their hands holding to each other. I said to Nisha- “Why didn’t we plan for this in the first place.” She chuckled. I should better get to them before they get too near to the waves. Nisha took the food and drinks to a neary shade.

Beat the Heat

The kids were getting unstoppable. It seems like they didn’t want to miss any moment. I also got along for their safety and we played for almost an hour. I pulled them back towards Nisha, to get them something to eat and drinks. Nisha pulled the Chiller box and offered the kids chilled, colorful, amazing Milkcraft Flavoured Milk bottles. They all fetched it with delight and sipped it happily. I think the beverage just made them more energetic. Nobody wanted to eat anything, they all just asked for one more round of Milk and they ran off back with their bottles. I was happy with the kids who were having milk in their fun time.

It was sheer pleasure to see the fun these kids were having. Nisha said – “These are precious moments. This is when memories are born.” I thanked my wife, the children, the electricity that went off and to Milkcraft which made my day and an unforgettable memory. Around evening, we got back and we dropped each of the kids to their homes. Everyone asked for one more bottle on their way back.